Why I Write

image-post mask Writing makes me happy
and sets my spirit free.
I write to create a special bond
between my readers and me.
I write because of the pain
that forms calluses on my heart;
And because I wish to express my life's joys
in the form of written art.

I am compelled by expression.

I write because of the beauty that surrounds
me in earth's mountains and evergreens
and because even in desolate, desert lands,
there is beauty to be seen.
I write to speak of butterflies
that rhythmically flop around
while the mighty eagles gracefully flies
miles above the ground.

I am compelled by nature.

I write because I've seen a face
that was perfect in every way;
As beautiful as the dusk and dawn
at the end and start of day.
I write because I've heard songs
that have touched my inner being.
I write because of emotions felt
for reasons unforeseen.

I am compelled by inspiration.

I write both because I fell in love
and because hate is part of my life;
and because of the tranquility gained from giving
and the anger that causes strife.
I write as both a jealous person
and one of complete trust.
I've mentioned my will to write for love,
but I also write for lust.

I am compelled by emotions.

I write because of life itself;
both its truths and its lies,
and the way we show generosity to each other
or often ignore our neighbor's cries.
I write to celebrate our birth
or to commemorate our return to dust.
Even when I wish not to write,
I write because I must.

I am compelled by life.

I write because of passion, romance,
and all that makes life grand.
I also write about the negatives.
I write to understand.
I write to give myself to you
and be I ridiculed or revered,
I write from a love thats true.
I write because I care.

I am compelled by the heart.

Printing is coming soon. I'm working on a reasonable format. Stay tuned.