We Blame Them

image-post mask Opportunities arise every day,
But we are often too caught up
In our own mess to notice them.
We seek drama to crazy levels.
Then when we can't breathe,
We blame them.

We act up on the job
In the name of keeping it real.
We ignore how others may feel and
Get upset when we are not considered.
Then we go home and complain
About glass ceilings and play
The oppression card as
We blame them.

We commit crimes;
Against each other no less;
And we have somehow
Grown accustomed to it.
But we show our outrage
When there is a white hand
Holding the gun that spat out
Yesterday's deadly bullet.
So we march on united,
As we should be.
But why is this only when
We blame them?

We rightly get upset
When judged by a few bad apples,
But have no problem doing the same.
This is bullshit.
And we are full of it
If we are lazy enough
To excuse all of our own faults while
We blame them.

Until we stop killing each other...
Until we stop pulling triggers
As a symbol of manhood
And uttering the phrase “My Nigga”
As a symbol of brotherhood...
Until we learn to value education...
Until we simply learn to love...
Nothing will ever be solved;
No matter how loudly
We blame them.

Pictured: Frederick Walker

Printing is coming soon. I'm working on a reasonable format. Stay tuned.