Upon Her Face

image-post mask Passion blooms upon her face;
Its petals imbued with her essence.
An innocent yet majestic grace;
Aroma sweet, with just a trace
Of natures effervescence.

A radiant stare, a warming smile;
An ethereal manifestation
Of an angel's glow and fervent style,
Whose pearlescent pearls need not use guile
In charming conversations.

A winter's warmth and summer's cold;
Bright moons eclipsed by dimming suns.
A mind that draws you into its fold
Where inner beauty's story's told;
Framed deep within emotions.

Her kiss is used to erase time;
A whisper offered in its place.
And those with reasons lacking rhyme
Can live new seasons, and in turn find
That which blooms upon her face.

Pictured: Janet Wilson

Printing is coming soon. I'm working on a reasonable format. Stay tuned.