To this I swear, Oshun

image-post mask Caught between materials and the frivolous,
Having abandoned love in pursuit of lust,
I've all but destroyed the trust
Of the one with whom
I was destined to share eternity.
Shed not a tear, Oshun.

For in my moments of withheld light,
Bludgeoned by the weight of night,
You've stood fast and continued to fight
So that I may see and thus resume
The course and pledge what's left of me
To keep you near, Oshun.

And in that pledge to return to course
With you as my strength's only source
And all my might, my will and force,
I'll undo the gloom
I've placed upon our reality
And quash your fears, Oshun.

Despite the stupid reasons for which I've lied —
Be it fear or my silly pride;
The things behind which we men hide.
I vow to be consumed
And pursue with clarity
What you hold dear, Oshun.

I recognize that it must be hard
To allow the use of your forgiveness card.
Still I beg your heart not be marred
Or become entombed.
Allow me to prove to thee
That I still care, Oshun.

I'll never be perfect, but I'll remain.
I'll no longer purposely cause you pain.
I'll embrace your love as a tree does the rain.
I shall become imbued
With you and our shared destiny.
To this I swear, Oshun.

Printing is coming soon. I'm working on a reasonable format. Stay tuned.