She Is...

image-post mask She is the owner of my birth,
the guide of my life,
the carrier of sorrow when life decides to test me.

She is to me what no one else could ever be
and has done more for me
than anyone could ever imagine.

She is the only woman that I've loved all my life.
I thank her and know I can never repay
her for her sacrifices.

She is someone whose way of life I shall always
keep with me to serve as signs that will
guide me as I walk life's dangerous streets.

She will be through me, the owner of my child's birth,
the guide in my child's life,
and the carrier of sorrow whenever my child is tested.

She is my best friend
and brings joy to my life.

She is my Mother.

Pictured: Ednora P. Montgomery and her son Kevin

Printing is coming soon. I'm working on a reasonable format. Stay tuned.