Let's Fall in Love

image-post mask Often times, we spend our lives in fear.
We fear what will become of us if we
    let someone in.
We've learned that love hurts through the
    experiences we've had in the past.
We are afraid of risks.
It's funny that risk is the nature of living
    and at the same time, it goes against the
    very nature of our lives.
We are afraid of love
    because it is the greatest risk of all.
It's ironic that in order to allow someone to
    fulfill our emotional dreams,
We must first relinquish to that person the power
    to become a nightmare.
If we can find it in ourselves to risk everything,
    just one more time;
If we can remember that love doesn't have
    to hurt;
This time, we may embark on a journey that
    has many beginnings and no end.
Take that risk with me.
Lets fall in love.

Pictured: Dyonne Davis

Printing is coming soon. I'm working on a reasonable format. Stay tuned.