Dawn Of Perfection

image-post mask I sat across form perfection
One warm evening
In the summer time
And was amazed;
By the way the light praised
Her beauty.
And the moon,
Perhaps by duty,
Stood still
She was satisfied.
I was hypnotized,
Longing to be baptized
By the gleam in her eyes
Which seemed unreal.
They seemed to steal my attention.
Did I mention
Her lips
Displayed eternity in her smile?
All the while,
The pearls beneath
Images of future I do's.
Who's to say
That her wedding day
May not be mine as well?
Who's to say that happily
Ever after can't exist
When this
Image of bliss
Sits in my midst?
Can first sight exceed lust?
Can instinct represent trust?
It must
If the next step is to be taken.
I know not what,
But something's in the make'n.
May I see you again?

Pictured: Wang Zaoxu

Printing is coming soon. I'm working on a reasonable format. Stay tuned.