A Proposal

image-post mask Have you ever been treated
Like a Queen;
I mean
Wined and dined
With meals sublime
By someone who takes the time
To show you that your are the most
Important person in their life?

Have you ever been kissed
With so much passion
That you wished the moment
Would last forever;
Or been caressed
In a way that the tips of your breasts
Stood erect?
Have you ever?

Have you ever been seduced
By a rose, a kiss on the nose
And a candlelit massage
From your crown to your toes?
Have you ever had someone
Whisper sweet nothings to you
Just to tease you?
Or taste your wetness
Just to please you?

Have you ever made love?
I mean really made love?
Have you ever been taken
Beyond ecstasy
Or done more than what
Wet dreams are made of?
Have you?

Have you ever considered loving me?
Will you?

Pictured: Shaunda Bennett

Printing is coming soon. I'm working on a reasonable format. Stay tuned.